Greece’s pivotal November

Greece’s pivotal November

Optimism is spread among Greece’s government members after it was proved that the European Commission and Greek authorities agree on not reducing pensions further, since both sides’ estimates for the year 2019 seem to have converged. 

Sources that know the issue in depth reported that there is convergence over the surplus in 2019, adding that there is no question of creating any kind of issue in relation to pensions.

Beyond that, the government remains firmly committed to realising its promises by launching a series of positive measures to alleviate a number of social groups that have suffered greatly in the years of the crisis. To name a few, the increase in the minimum wage, with the simultaneous abolition of the “substitut”, the return of back pay to lawyers, lawyers, academics and doctors, the return of the social dividend, debt settlement through the “measure” of the 120 installments, and the measures announced by the Prime Minister at the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) 2018, last September, have been lined up before becoming a legislative act.

At the end of the Euro Working Group (EWG), consultations have not stopped, with the Commission expecting even more recent figures on the course of the budget. Within the first 15 days of November, the Commission will send to Greece (and to other European countries, too) its report on the 2019 Draft Budget and its estimation on the picture of the Greek economy this year, a time that marks the country’s “exit” from the memoranda. At the beginning of November, the EC will present a “sample” of the Autumn 2018 Economic Forecast.

Lately, in private talks, many Commissioners have denied any intention to postpone the cut, saying that this is “a scenario that is no longer desirable either by the institutions or by Athens”.

However, decisions will be made at a political level and are inextricably linked to the general “appreciation” of the Greek issue, the political correlations in Germany, and the Italian issue.

Apparently, there is a plan (for decisions) to be made in November…. / IBNA