Greece: Violent clashes with the police after the majestic peaceful demonstration against police violence

Greece: Violent clashes with the police after the majestic peaceful demonstration against police violence

Violent incidents broke out during the march that took place on Tuesday night in Nea Smyrni near the Police Department of the area, after the end of the majestic gathering that took place in the Square against police violence.

According to the estimates of the Police, more than 5,000 people participated in the march, while participants raise the number to 10,000 people.

The protest against the police violence was organized after the unnecessary beating of a citizen in the square of the area last Sunday. Residents who wanted to express their strong reaction to the behavior of the Police, gathered from 17:30 in the square with banners hung by students of Nea Smyrni, organizations of Southern Districts, the open assembly of residents, but also parties and organizations of the left that participated in the march.

After the gathering followed a procession to the police station in the area. When the procession reached the Police Station, a group came out of the procession and attacked the police forces who were there early, throwing Molotov cocktails, flares, stones and other objects at them, according to the police.

Police responded by using chemicals, flash grenades and water cannons with the Aiadas special vehicle, disrupting the march. The episodes continued in the area for over two hours, turning the area into a battlefield.

During the clashes, according to the announcement of the Police, three police officers were injured, one of them seriously after being attacked by protesters. Surprisingly, no civilian injuries were reported, while there are dozens of videos of extreme police violence and arbitrariness against protesters.

Among the material published by protesters and residents of the area, there is the frame of the central photo, where a police officer on bike, has his gun drawn and points it towards the crowd. This is something that has not been seen in a police operation since December 2008.

The aggressive mood of EL.AS. against the crowd is also recorded in a video, where a policeman is heard urging his colleagues “to kill them”, in retaliation for the injury of their colleague, while the radio is on.

In the other video, a group of police officers are seen breaking into a shop in the area and hitting at least one person who was in it. The citizen receives blows while he is immobilized on the floor, an image that is repeated when he is taken out on the sidewalk.

In addition, journalists and photojournalists were attacked by police forces.

The condemnation of the serious incidents in Nea Smyrni by the parties of the Parliament was unanimous, as with their announcements they clarified that any form of violence is unacceptable wherever it comes from.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in a televised message, asked for restraint and composure./ibna