Greece: The Mitsotakis administration re-establishes the Ministry of Migration

Greece: The Mitsotakis administration re-establishes the Ministry of Migration

The government has proceeded with the re-establishment of the Ministry of Migration six months after it was abolished, according to a statement by Government Spokesman Stelios Petsa.

The Government has, from the outset, pursued a different policy on the Refugee-Migration issue, the Government Spokesman noted, with a comprehensive plan based on four pillars:

– Guarding our borders.

– Speeding up asylum procedures.

– Increased returns.

– Closed-type pre-departure centers.

All this, according to Mr. Petsas, while promoting the de-congestion of the islands that have shouldered the greatest burden of the reception of refugees and immigrants, but also with the internationalization of the problem in all international fora. What is needed is the faster implementation of this plan.

By the Prime Minister’s decision, a Ministry of Migration and Asylum is being created, with Chios MP Panagiotis Mitarakis as Minister.

Mr Mitarakis, the current State Secretary for Social Security, has completed a cycle of preparation for the new insurance – pension bill that will be brought for public consultation in the coming days. Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Yiannis Vroutsis will assume his responsibilities.

Deputy Minister for Migration and Asylum is the B1 North District of Athens MP Giorgos Koumoutsakos, who is the current deputy Citizen Protection minister.

The swearing-in of the Minister of Immigration and Asylum and the Deputy Minister will take place during the day at the Presidential Palace, Stelios Petsas informed.

SYRIZA has since voiced its opposition to the abolition of the Ministry of Migration Policy, accusing the government of backtracking.

Posting on Facebook, SYRIZA President Alexis Tsipras reacted to the announcement by the government of the establishment of a Ministry of Migration and Asylum.

“My congratulations to Mr Mitsotakis for finally taking him only six months and seven days to understand the turmoil he created in refugee problem and how blatant a blunder was his decision to abolish the Ministry of Migration in the country with the largest refugee flows and refugees in the whole Europe”, wrote the opposition leader in his personal Facebook account./ibna