Greece may consider recognizing Kosovo’s independence

Greece may consider recognizing Kosovo’s independence

Pristina, 15 July 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias declared in Pristina that Athens is looking into the possibility of recognizing Kosovo’s independence.

“As far as the recognition of independence is concerned, we must bear in mind two criteria that relate to this matter. The first one relates to the needs of the entire region and the second one relates to our national European interest. In the future, we must see what sort of application we can find about these two criteria”, Kotzias said after a meeting with Kosovo’s PM, Isa Mustafa and Kosovo’s Foreign Minister, Hashim Thaci.

The Greek head of diplomacy said that his country is making efforts in order for Kosovo to be recognized by several international organizations.

“We’re doing our best for Kosovo to become a member of INTERPOL and UNESCO and we will back it in every way possible. We are also supporting political relations between the EU and Kosovo and we will offer to Kosovo our expertise and capacities and our experience as the oldest EU member country in the region”, Kotzias declared.

Meanwhile, attaché of the Greek embassy to Pristina, Vassilis Koutsikos declared for IBNA that Athens is interested on intensifying relations with Kosovo.

“Fortunately, we have no pending issues with Kosovo. We’re interested on boosting cooperation in the domain of economy, culture, art, education, science and many other domains. I believe that the right time will come for the recognition”, Koutsikos said.

Meanwhile, Kosovo’s PM, Isa Mustafa has thanked the head of the Greek diplomacy for the support offered by Greece in the process of Kosovo’s accession in international organizations and integration in the European Union.

Stressing the importance of this first visit of a Greek Foreign Minister to Kosovo, PM Mustafa expressed the will of the government of Kosovo for the strengthening of bilateral relations between the two countries.

The PM also briefed the Greek head of diplomacy on the current processes in Kosovo and the reforms that the government is undertaking in many domains, starting from economic development, the opening of new jobs, strengthening of the rule of law, EU integration, etc.

Isa Mustafa and Nikos Kotzias expressed the will of the two countries to work together in order to further advance processes that serve peace, security and stability in the region.

Thaci Kotzias

Deputy PM Hashim Thaci said that the first visit of a Greek diplomat in Pristina confirms the strengthening of cooperation between the two countries, while announcing that he will soon visit Greece.

“We discussed with the minister about our bilateral cooperation, which will intensify. We also discussed the role that Greece has played in the region for peace, stability and cooperation between the two countries, but also about the euroatlantic perspective’, Thaci said.

Thaci said that in spite of their dark past, the Balkan countries are now racing to become part of NATO and European Union. /ibna/