Greece has political elites from the Cold War, says Ivanov

Greece has political elites from the Cold War, says Ivanov

Skopje, September 23, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Macedonian president, George Ivanov has expressed during a lecture held in front of students in the American university of Yale his concerns and discontent toward Greece in relation to the name dispute.

The president’s office in Skopje says that Ivanov has drawn a parallel between the creation and the functioning of the Greek and Macedonian state.

“The issue is complex, but the truth is that we have to do with different worlds. Greece was created as a state with one religion, one nation and one language. Macedonia was created as a state which respects all religions, all ethnic identities. The entire Balkan changed its elites and new elites arrived. Greece alone has elites which belong to the Cold War. A part of political elites in Greece still use this rhetoric, although the population has a different approach. For this reason, we have the name dispute of our country in the United Nations. We’re the only country in the history of the UN not allowed to exert our right of self identification”, declared president Ivanov in his lecture in the University of Yale.

Ivanov is staying in the USA to participate in the General Assembly of the UN, which will also see the participation of the Greek Foreign Minister, Evangelos Venizelos. Ivanov has held meetings with UN officials, but also with the Macedonian Diaspora. /ibna/