Greece: Opposition accuses the Government of authoritarianism after brutal beating of citizens by the Police

Greece: Opposition accuses the Government of authoritarianism after brutal beating of citizens by the Police

The unprovoked violence and the savage beating of citizens exercised by the Police in the area of ​​Nea Smyrni in Athens early on Sunday afternoon has brought about the ire of the opposition.

The attempt by the Police through the systemic media, but also of the State News Agency, to record the events as a result of an attack by 30 people on the police, was quickly shotdown by the videos that were released by the citizens.

Both the videos that flooded the social media and the testimonies of eyewitnesses denounce the extreme behaviour of the Police Forces in Nea Smyrni Square.

According to eyewitnesses, “the Police appeared and attempted to fine a family with two children and three adults sitting on the bench. In an attempt by the family to explain that they had sent the relevant ode for going out and did not create a problem, they were asked by the police to show their IDs and people who were at the spot protested. The police reacted with violence and began beating one of the protesters with batons. The young man simply told them that there was no reason for all this to happen”.

According to a resident of the area, “the police immediately called for reinforcements and 50 police officers immediately gathered in the square and a crescent of violence started”. The same resident notes that there was never an ambush or an attack on police officers.

These behaviors led to a spontaneous large march of citizens on Sunday afternoon, which was directed to the Police Department of Nea Smyrni. When they got close to the spot, which was guarded by strong police forces, the police used chemicals and flash grenades to disperse the crowd. An Administrative Investigation has been ordered for the videos that show excessive violence of the police against citizens, as announced by the Greek Police.

The reaction of the political parties that condemned the excessive and unprovoked violence on the part of the Police was immediate. The Secretary of Mera25, Yanis Varoufakis, called on SYRIZA and the KKE for joint action after the orgy of police repression in Nea Smyrni, noting that that they should “protect Democracy and the citizens from the Mitsotakis-Chrysochoidis government”.

SYRIZA blamed the Minister of Citizen Protection, political leader of the Police, Michalis Chrysochoidis, but also the Prime Minister, attributing the use of force to the government’s attempt to cover up its failure to manage the coronavirus pandemic.

KINAL also attributed the excessive use of force by the police to a decision of the government and Kyriakos Mitsotakis personally.

For its part, the Government blamed SYRIZA(?), through its Government Spokeswoman, Aristotelia Peloni.

“The country has a government that is trying, with the support of the people, to get the country out of an unprecedented health crisis with the least possible losses. Unfortunately, it has to face an opposition that invests in tension and aggravation of the political and social climate. Mr. Tsipras did it with Dimitris Koufontinas. He repeats himself with the events in Nea Smyrni Square – which are already being investigated”, the spokeswoman said in a statement.

This is not the first time that the Police have been reported for excessive violence and unnecessary repression, but so far no action has been taken with regard to these complaints./ibna