Greece: New Democracy MP announces on Twitter Coast Guard has orders for push backs

Greece: New Democracy MP announces on Twitter Coast Guard has orders for push backs

MP and Chief for the Immigration Policy Sector of the SYRIZA Parliamentary Group Giorgos Psychogios commented on a tweet by New Democracy MP Constantinos Bogdanos published in a newspaper article, in which he states that the Coast Guard has been given a clear order to return refugees to Turkey.

Giorgos Psychogios specifically mentions in his announcement:

“Last Friday, the Government, despite the explicit opposition of all institutions and civil society, as well as the strong objections of the competent Commissioners of the Council of Europe and the European Union, and following the debate in the Plenary Session, several members of the majority delivered lessons on extreme right-wing and xenophobic rhetoric, resorting to expressions such as “living space on the islands”, the direct connection of refugees and jihadists and the constant refrain of even its creator that “the country is not a free-for-all business” drifting away from the country’s international and European obligations and voted on their own in favor of a dooming law against the rights, the rule of law and the image of the country.

In the midst of all this, things got even worse when the well-known MP and journalist C. Bogdanos made a public statement on social media, leaving the door open to hate speech and active deterrence at sea. He managed within 5 lines to crystallize racism, religious intolerance but also the policy of push backs, non-refoulements, disappearances and others that make human life and the country vulnerable on an international level.

There are no words to describe the cynicism that lie in his words when he tweets out that boats are “turning and will continue to turn”, ignoring the number of thousands who will drown in the Aegean, or when he says that the country will not become a “Disneyland for illegals”. Utter contempt for the value of human life; an incitement for international law and the law of the sea to be violated, but also a blatant insult to respect for diversity.

The fact that the government has not reacted to Bogdanos’ statement in any way, officially or unofficially, the fact that the New Democracy did not even bother to condemn what was tweeted out by its MP obviously constitutes an informal admission that it accepts and is satisfied with such statements, carrying on with the quarrelling with the Greek Solution in the murky waters of the far right that offend the law and the history of our country and our people”.

The controversial tweet of New Democracy MP Konstantinos Bogdanou states: “We thank our comrades for advertising our government policies. Yes, the boats are now returning – and will continue to do so – back to Turkey, the order to the Coast Guard is clear, the country has ceased to be an Islam-obsessed neo-leftist Disneyland for illegals”. /ibna