Greece: Main opposition SYRIZA accuses Gov’t of insufficient interventions for the economy

Greece: Main opposition SYRIZA accuses Gov’t of insufficient interventions for the economy

“Unfortunately, we hear a lot from the government, but we see little that has been done”, SYRIZA MP and spokesman Alexis Haritsis said in a televised interview on Wednesday, referring to measures to boost the Greek economy.

Specifically for the tourism industry, the SYRIZA representative noted that “there is strong concern from agencies, businesses and employees about what is to come”, both because “there are no measures to support businesses and employees in the industry” but also because “there is no plan or specific protocol for the launch of European tourism in the near future. We would expect the government to push in that direction”, he said.

Alexis Haritsis stressed that “the Mitsotakis administration is still proceeding without a plan in the economy, implementing the same insufficient measures despite its increasingly unfavorable forecasts for the recession”, recalling that from the first moment “SYRIZA submitted its own integrated, prices proposal on how businesses, employees and households can be supported, which provides for the utilization of 26 billion from the 50 billion euro that are available for our country in the coming months and corresponds to the financial possibilities of the Greek economy with specific actions”. In particular, he described the “non-refundable aid to businesses, the support of freelancers and scientists, but also the strengthening of special sectors, such as catering and tourism and agricultural production”.

“Instead of the government discussing our proposals or submitting a plan of its own, we only saw a disparaging attitude from the prime minister himself, who even went so far as to talk about trees that grow money”, said the SYRIZA spokesman. “The prime minister does not need to respond to SYRIZA, but he does need to respond to Greek society, the workers and businesses that are struggling”, he said, adding that SYRIZA would continue to update the “We Stay Standing” program, based on the new data and after extensive consultation with institutions and society”.

Finally, referring to the educational bill promoted by the government, Alexis Haritsis pointed out that “such a critical bill cannot come to vote in conditions of under-functioning of the parliament, and without the necessary political and social consultation. Unfortunately, ND resorted to the same anti-democratic method as with the environmental bill”.

“This raises a serious issue for the protection of personal data, as there is no written confirmation from the competent authority. At the same time, the bill raises critical issues, such as an increase of the number of students per class, as opposed to educational and pedagogical methods”, he said, adding that “we can’t imagine why this is happening, except to justify not hiring extra teachers”./ibna