Greece key to Albania’s EU Accession

Greece key to Albania’s EU Accession

The European road for Albania passes through Greece. As much as it might bother the Albanian leadership – as well as a few members of the EU that are trying to undermine talks between the two countries – that’s the reality.

The European Commission proposals and the Albania progress report, are not binding for the Council which will make any decisions concerning Albania’s EU accession future.

What is striking however is that although the content of the Hahn Report has many negative points concerning Albania, they have deliberately not been mentioned in the Commission’s public announcement. The report refers to shortcomings, deprivation and problems in a number of areas related to the rule of law function while the Commission’s public announcement highlights selected points that give a different picture of Albania’s overall EU accession progress.

However the promotion  of an improved image for Albania by Mr. Khan on behalf of the European Commission is not coincidental. After all, it was he who just a month ago practically destroyed the Greece – Albania talks by saying that the two sides were discussing a nonexistent issue in an answer to a question by New Democracy Party MEP Maria Spiraki.

Mr Khan’s biased attitude for Albania is not accidental according to IBNA sources, the Commissioner’s stance and the configuration of the text of the progress report is linked to the EU Ambassador to Tirana Romana Vlahutin who, contrary to what is required by European legislation, is biased towards the Albanian side.

The former Croat journalist, became an analyst, political consultant, ambassador and EU executive committee member and in the end EU Ambassador to Albania. The role of former politicians from Croatia acting as consultants for Prime Minister Edi Rama, the Croatian origin Vlahutin and efforts on the part of Croatia for the accession prospects of Serbia to the EU and the EU-Kosovo relations, give another dimension to Vlahutin’s and also Croatia’ s role in the region.

According to the media Vlahutin’s husband, Vlado Azinovic, is involved in two major projects in Albania. On one hand the Albania – Montenegro rail link and on the other Albanian State security systems.

Vlahutin’s “dark” side, regarding the non paper leak and its subsequent acceptance including German Commissioner Johanne Hahn’s remark about the nonexistent Cham Issue raises legitimate questions.

Obviously by offering Albania false promises of accession to the EU in return for financial gain through large projects some people are trying to “ruin” the good relations that have been built between Greece and Albania recently. There are already ongoing investigations and not just from the media on the role of Romana Vlahutin and her husband in Albania.

It is worth noting that here is no mention of the “Cham” issue in the progress report despite the inaccuracies./IBNA