Greece hands over verbal note to Germany on war reparations

Greece hands over verbal note to Germany on war reparations

A verbal note on the payment by Germany of war reparations and indemnities has been notified by the Greek Foreign Ministry.

The Greek government calls on Germany to negotiate the practical satisfaction of these claims, which is of particular importance to the Greek people, as a moral and material issue.

In particular, following the instructions of the Deputy Foreign Minister, Sia Anagnostopoulou, Greece’s ambassador to Berlin, Theodoros Daskarolis, handed over the German Foreign Ministry a “Verbal Note”, in which the Greek government called on the German side to enter into negotiations on the settlement of the pending issue of Greece’s claims from Germany for the payment of warranties and compensations from the First and Second World Wars.”

It is stressed that “this diplomatic action took place following the discussion at the level of the Political Leaders in the Plenary of the Hellenic Parliament on April 17, and in implementation of the decision taken by a large majority, taking into account the Conclusion – Report of the Interparty Parliamentary Committee on Claiming German Debts for our Country”.

The Greek claims concern damages and reparations for losses suffered by Greece and its citizens in the First and Second World Wars, war claims for the victims and descendants of the victims of the German Occupation, the repayment of the Occupation Loan and the return of the looted and illegally removed archaeological and other cultural goods./ibna