Greece: Foreign Ministry Condemns New Drilling by Turkey on Cyprus’ EEZ

Greece: Foreign Ministry Condemns New Drilling by Turkey on Cyprus’ EEZ

The Greek Foreign Ministry condemned the announcement of Turkey’s new illegal drilling within Cyprus’ EEZ and continental shelf.

“The announcement of a new illegal drilling by Turkey within the EEZ and the continental shelf of the Republic of Cyprus, in areas licensed to European companies, is not surprising”, the Greek Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“It is part of a slew of violations of international law by Turkey in the wider area, ranging from invasion and occupation, violations of airspace and territorial waters, to violations of sovereign rights and attempts to seize underwater resources of neighbouring and not only countries”.

“Their goal is to serve expansive aspirations through the creation of fait-accompli on the spot.

As we have emphasized, violations of international legality, even if they are repeated in spite of the international outcry they cause, do not produce legal effects, nor of course do they create fait accompli.

In any case, they are unequivocally condemned”, concludes the announcement of the Greek Foreign Ministry.

In a later statement, the Greek Foreign Ministry commented on the recent statements of the Turkish leadership on Greece: “For Greece, its main concern is not to exercise policy by means of groundless and provocative statements, but the implementation of those steps that ensure security and stability throughout the region.

As for the comment on right footsteps, it is oxymoron to say the least to take lessons in international law by the foremost offender in our region”./ibna