Greece enters the vortex of Rex Blocking

Greece enters the vortex of Rex Blocking

Athens, October 6, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Hari Stefanatos

A rare for our region phenomenon is expected to visit Greece in the coming days, according to a publication of the newspaper “To Ethnos”. It is about the Rex Blocking, which is expected to cause significant temperature drop in Greece, with temperatures dropping to up to 5 degrees Celsius.

This is a phenomenon that is usually found in Western Europe.

Speaking to “To Ethnos”, the famous meteorologist Theodore Kolydas says:

“When the flow of air masses in the atmosphere is such that the barometric systems are prevented from moving from west to east, we say that this generates a blocking.

Such a blocking, which is called Rex Blocking – in honor of the American meteorologist Daniel Rex, who studied the phenomenon in 1950 – will form above the Balkans on Thursday.

This phenomenon, although it is more common in Western Europe, it can also appear in our region. It has been studied extensively in the 1950s by the Chicago School, as it was found that it was formed over the US coasts. Greece is usually influenced by Omega Blocking systems, named from itheir shape which resembles the Greek letter Omega”.

“Practically what will happen is that warm air masses from Northwest Europe will move northeast, while cold air masses from Ukraine will move to the Balkans. This would lead to a significant drop of the temperature in our country.

Thus the lower temperatures will fall even at 5 degrees Celsius in the mountains, while in the rest of the areas will be about 10 degrees Celsius.

Maximum temperatures will be for Northern Greece 22 degrees Celsius, from the 29 we had in the previous day, in Athens 25 degrees from the previous 30 to 31 days and in Thessaloniki 20 degrees Celsius.

The chill is expected to last three to four days, and then the trend shows that the temperature will rise again”, he says.