Greece is concerned about growing nationalism in Albania

Greece is concerned about growing nationalism in Albania

Tirana, March 4, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

Strong nationalist tones which recently grew this weekend in the south of Albania through protests accompanied by ultimatums, have become a cause for concern for Athens.

Joani Tragaki, first vice chairman of the Greek parliament and the head of Congress Committee for European Affairs, in a meeting that he had with the Albanian vice minister of Environment, Olijana Ifti, has expressed this concern. This was confirmed to IBNA by official sources from PBDNJ (Unity for Human Rights Party), a party which is part of the government led by prime minister Edi Rama.

During this meeting, Tragakis said that now it’s the right time for the two countries to improve bilateral relations, stressing that Greece remains a strong supporter of Albania’s perspective in the EU integration.

Mr. Tragakis expressed his concern in relation to growing nationalism in Albania.

He also expressed his opinion on the Greek minority, the equal treatment of Albanian citizens of Greek origins, the protection of freedom and religious faith in Albania.

The Albanian government has not issued official information about the concerns raised by Mr. Tragakis, while the press office of the Greek parliament published the fact that Tragakis had briefed the Albanian official that Athens is worried about the growing nationalist tones. /ibna/

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