Greece has been turned into a criminals’ gathering center, says Turkish Justice Minister

Greece has been turned into a criminals’ gathering center, says Turkish Justice Minister

Greek Justice Minister, Stavros Kontonis, receives a letter by his Turkish counterpart,  Amdulhamit Gul, following the decision of the Council of State to release one of eight Turkish officers, who are accused in Turkey of having participated in the July 15 coup attempt.

The letter reads as follows:

“The 8 soldiers fleeing Greece by helicopter were among the terrorists who killed 251 people during the coup attempt of July 15 and injured more than 2,000. For the third time, Turkey’s request for extradition has been rejected.

I regretted that one of the terrorists was released.

His neighbor and girlfriend, Greece has never accepted it, seen it as legitimate and condemned the unfair attempt to abolish democracy and democratic institutions in Turkey with the coup against the elected President of the Republic and the Turkish government.

But Greece protects terrorists and shelters them, and this overshadows the solidarity that exists between the two countries.

What we have noticed since the attempted coup d’etat to date is that Greece is a safe harbor of criminals in our country.

It has been known that for two years there have been blood-thirsty members of the terrorist organization in Greece and were arrested while passing or trying to cross illegally in Greece.

Greece is like it’s been turned into a crime gathering center.

We want to see that Alexis Tsipras and the Greek government did not just say they would support Turkey exposed by the coup.

As a first step to announce that the terrorist coup d’état will not be able to stay in Greece and expel them immediately to our country.

I expect you to follow the road of deportation of terrorists who should not be protected in any part of the world.

International law requires terrorists not to be protected. A common fight against terrorism is needed. It is the attitude that every rule of law must have.

I believe that none of us wants this issue to be a wound to our peoples”./IBNA