Greece – Armenia boost ties of cooperation (pic)

Greece – Armenia boost ties of cooperation (pic)


Concluding a two-day visit to Armenia, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias was particularly well received by the President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Azati Sargsyan. Mr. Sargsyan expressed satisfaction with the strengthening of bilateral relations between Greece and Armenia, for the prospects opened up after the Greek Foreign Minister’s  visit to Armenia and all that was agreed both with the Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandyan and with Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan.

Nikos Kotzias on his part referred to the specific points that were agreed on his two-day official visit in Yerevan with Armenian officials, giving particular emphasis on Greece’s support to Armenia’s European course and to the efforts for a short stay visa liberalisation of Armenian citizens in the European Union.

The need to update the contractual framework for relations between the two countries so that concrete steps to deepen bilateral relations are agreed on, was highlighted; particularly in the economic sector, through the organising of a business mission during the second half of 2017.

During the meeting the two men discussed bilateral and regional issues since Armenia is very close to sources of instability. Nikos Kotzias conveyed the Greek President’s invitation for a visit to Athens again soon.

Early on Friday morning the head of the Greek diplomacy, had a long meeting with his Armenian counterpart, Eduard Nalbandyan, at the new Foreign Ministry in Yerevan.

The two men, decided to launch the maximum level of cooperation in political, economic, military, cultural and any area of ​​common interest, something which is prevalent in the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Diplomatic Academies the two FMs signed , at the end of their respective session.

Then, the two delegations held extended discussions followed by a joint press conference.

During the press conference, Eduard Nalbandyan, Nikos Kotzias’ visit was highlighted as an excellent opportunity for active enhancement of cooperation between the two countries. He said apart from bilateral issues, emphasis was placed on cooperation between the two countries on regional issues, but also on Armenia’s European path, expressing satisfaction with the assistance provided by Greece to his country.

On his part, Kotzias, after referring to the 25 year anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries and informally to the thousand year old diplomatic relations, added that the existing asymmetries need to be levelled in the implementation of cooperation, stressing that Greek-Armenian relations need improvement and deepening. He noted, “we agreed to find a way for the creation of institutions we need for our cooperation and to take stock of all our treaties and agreements in order to decide what to do and what steps need to be launched or relaunched.”

On Friday afternoon, Nikos Kotzias, was honoured with an honorary doctorate at Yerevan State University and International Relations Department and gave a lecture on the changing international environment in the age of globalization and the attendant challenges, while analysing Greece’s positive initiatives to promote cooperation and the consolidation of security and stability in the region.

Early on Saturday morning, the Greek Foreign Minister departed for Washington, where he will have important meetings with his prominent US counterpart, Rex W. Tillerson./IBNA

Photos: IBNA/Spiros Sideris