Great dispute between Turkey-USA for Erdogan’s visit to Gaza

Great dispute between Turkey-USA for Erdogan’s visit to Gaza


By Manolis Kostidis

Ankara raise’s up the tons against Washington on the issue of Erdogan’s impending visit to Gaza.

The Turkish Prime Minister stressed that “the statements of the U.S. Secretary Kerry were not good. The spokesman and Deputy Prime Minister of our government has already replied him. I will go to Gaza, “Erdogan said.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç (photo)  in his statements had attacked strongly Kerry and had stated that “Kerry’s statements were wrong and indecent. We have no obligation to obtain permission from anyone”. He had gone further to say that ”after the completion  of the preparations, we will set the date and if it fits to the U.S., it is fine; if not, we are still going to carry out  this visit.”

The Turkish vice president expressed the view that the statements about Gaza should have not been made in front of the cameras from such an experienced foreign minister. ”If he had such a thought, he could have told it directly to our Prime Minister or the Foreign Secretary.’’

Last Sunday, Kerry in his statement from Istanbul, had clearly requested by Erdogan not to visit Gaza during May to avoid causing tension with Israel, as such a visit if carried out would cause the reaction of Israel as Ankara insistently calls for the stoppage of the blockade of Gaza. Furthermore, the Palestinians might welcome the Turkish Prime Minister as a “hero that Israel was forced to apologize.”

However, Bülent Arınç, was careful to deny categorically the scenarios they want Israel to request the use of the military air base in Akinci, Ankara which had been published in the newspaper Sunday Times.

“The news is false. Nothing like this has been mentioned in our talks with the Israeli side. This news is steerable. No-one could make such a proposal to the Turkish government” Arınç said.