“Graffiti” talks about the missing freedom of Kosovars

“Graffiti” talks about the missing freedom of Kosovars

Pristina, 15 April 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

A theatrical piece premiered last night in the National Theater of Kosovo, has brought to the attention the post war period, when Kosovars welcomed the arrival of freedom with great joy and euphoria.

The piece “Graffiti” directed by Fadil Hysaj, is based on the playwright by Mehmet Kraja.

Through this drama, actors have not only reflected the post war enthusiasm, but also the fact that many people were disappointed by the following years.

The main character of this piece is played by Çun Lajci. Before the war started, “Kosovo is Serbia” was written on his door, but after the war, after being threatened by the war wing is forced to write “UÇK” and then “LDK”.

The play suggests that “politicians and those who profited from the war have never thought beyond their personal and family’s interests. On the other hand, with their power, they have constantly threatened the citizens by usurping their freedom”.

Kosovo was liberated from the Serb regime in 1999, but as this shows presents it, the new state has not yet been liberated by politicians and many people consider them to be the usurpers of freedom in the country. /balkaneu.com/