The government’s criticism follows the court’s decision to reinstate the Albanian Police Commissioner

The government’s criticism follows the court’s decision to reinstate the Albanian Police Commissioner

The suspended Police Commissioner, Haki Çako, is reinstated through a court decision

Tirana, 17 June 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

A court suspended him from duty and another one, an instance higher, reinstates him.

This happened with Haki Çako. Yesterday, the Court of Appeal in Tirana decided to reinstate the Police Commissioner.

The Court of Appeal’s decision came a few days after the Court of Tirana decided to suspend Police Commissioner Haki Çako upon the request of the prosecution.

This suspension followed a probe on suspected surveillances carried out with an Italian detector. The same court placed another two police senior officials under house arrest.

Investigators accuse Mr. Cako of not following the necessary legal and customs procedures to bring in the country a detector given by Italian police called IMSI Catcher.

Albanian and Italian police said that the device arrived to Albania for purposes of training and that it was not part of some surveillance program.

But Prosecution discovered that the detector even managed to identify IMEI numbers of mobile phones which were placed under surveillance. The same thing was also publicly admitted by minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri.

The opposition demanded an investigation for violation of customs procedures, for the detector to be found and for the authorities to find out if the detector was used by officials to eavesdrop politicians of the opposition and public figures from the media and civil society.

The suspension of the Police Commissioner by the court was followed by harsh criticism launched by the government.

The attacks launched by the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri were harsh and the accusations against the justice system very strong. They even labeled the judge who issued the decision.

The opposition said that this was a flagrant intervention which put pressure on the Appeal Court to change the previous decision. The same thing was also declared by associations of prosecutors and judges in the country.

President of Republic, Bujar Nishani said that the government has eavesdropped officials and politicians, expressing his concern that this act has threatened the country’s national security. He demanded investigations from the justice system.

The Court of Appeal’s decision to quash the suspension was commented by the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha. He said that Çako’s reinstatement and the decision to place mayor of Kavaja, Elvis Rroshi under house arrest, have come as a result of the pressure and threats that Prime Minister Edi Rama launched against courts.

“Through pressure, attacks, criminal threats, Edi Rama managed to determine two court rulings, which relate to two of the biggest scandals of his government; unlawful surveillance and incrimination of power. Çako was reinstated in duty while Rroshi is at home”.

Basha said that Edi Rama put the courts in front of two options: “On one side it was option to uphold the law, but this has a great cost for every judge, because they would immediately undergo a police and anti-constitutional investigation. If the law was upheld, Edi Rama would penetrate in their families with brutality. In other words, he would execute them publicly”.

While the first decision was incessantly commented by government officials, that for the reinstatement was followed by a public declaration of the minister of Interior Tahiri. He said among others that “we are convinced that our path to reform the justice system, to guarantee the integrity and the purity of the justice system has just started.

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