Government Spokesman: President Anastasiades optimistic an agreement can be reached on the terms of reference

Government Spokesman: President Anastasiades optimistic an agreement can be reached on the terms of reference

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, chaired this morning a meeting of the National Council at the Presidential Palace.

Following the meeting, Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou told reporters that “at the National Council meeting, the President of the Republic briefed the political leaders on all developments and all preparations being made for the meeting with the UN Secretary General and the Turkish Cypriot leader, in Berlin, on November 25.

In particular, the President of the Republic briefed on the letter submitted by him to the General Secretariat, which requested the Security Council be submitted with the report of the SG good services. He also briefed on all contacts with the UN and information on the continuation of negotiations on the Cyprus issue.

What we must emphasize is that the President of the Republic will go to a meeting in Berlin with the SG with goodwill and clear political will to discuss and reach an agreement on the next steps.

Our own side considers that the terms of reference can be agreed on the basis of the August 9 agreement with the Turkish Cypriot leader, based on the three known axes. We could have had the terms of reference now, as requested by the SG, and an informal conference with the shcema of the participants in Crans Montana could have been convened to decide on the procedures for resuming negotiations as soon as possible. This is the position of the President of the Republic.

We hope that there will be constructive cooperation at the meeting in Berlin so that negotiations can begin as soon as possible.

In a separate chapter, the political leaders were also briefed by the Foreign Minister on the decisions that were finalized, and where made specific with the legal framework needed, against Turkey’s illegal actions and violations. These decision were taken by the Foreign Affairs Council last Monday”.

Asked about the conference call between Mrs Lute and the negotiators on both sides, the Spokesman said that “there is no reason (to elaborate) at this time in view of the fact that in a few weeks the meeting in Berlin will go into detail. The political leaders were informed.

What is clear is that the President of the Republic has also stated through our Permanent Representative to the UN that our side is ready to on the agree terms of reference, based on the existing agreement, without any prior decisions that will prejudge the course of the negotiations, because the objective is for negotiations to start again”.

Asked about yesterday’s brief meeting of the President of the Republic with the UN Secretary General in Paris, the Spokesman said that “the President had the opportunity to have a very brief conversation with the SG where they certainly concluded that they were looking forward to their meeting on the 25 November”.

Finally, the Spokesman said that today the President briefed the political leaders on the issue of “Halloumi” cheese “on the consultations with the European Commission so that this dossier, which has been submitted long ago and of which we are waiting the final resolution, be activated. There are consultations, there are some technical issues and we hope that it will be approved eventually”.

Commenting on the journalist’s view that political obstacles are being addressed, the Spokesman said that “there are technical issues in the dossier that in the case of Cyprus and because of the occupation have political connotations and political implications. For the Republic of Cyprus, however, things are clear, consultations are underway, and we hope that solutions will be given on the basis of what has previously been applied to the provisional occupation regime, so that Cyprus as a whole – this is something that concerns Turkish Cypriots living in the occupied territories – to be able to secure this generally accepted Cypriot product and be able to safely trade internationally”./ibna