Government puts an end to election talk

Government puts an end to election talk

Tehran, February 9, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The Government in Greece has put an end to early election scenarios, while the issue provokes reactions from the opposition.

A government source, in a brief conversation in Tehran with reporters, even set the context in which the government is moving politically, stressing that the priority at the moment is the refugee crisis and the evaluation, which must proceed for Greece to have development.

The same source said that it is unthinkable to hold elections and added that there can’t be elections every three months.

On the same wavelength was the chairman of the House Nikos Voutsis in a discussion he had with parliamentary journalists, ruling out the possibility of early elections.

Asked to comment on the statements of the president of ANEL Panos Kammenos, who said that “if there are unreasonable demands by the creditors, the Greek people will speak again”, Mr Voutsis said: “We are not election hobbyists, neither does it make sense to talk about it. The government has a fresh popular mandate. Nobody wants elections nor are they needed. Our goal is the successful outcome of the assessment, in order to develop our planning”.

Speaking at various radio stations, the spokeswoman of Independent Greeks, Marina Chrysovelonis, made clarifications on the statement of Panos Kammenos on elections, in the daily “Realnews”.

“HIs statement regarding resorting to the polls was not addressed to the interior of the country, nor the opposition parties but the lenders. Neither of us wants elections. But the lenders must understand that they must not have extreme demands, not continue to blackmail, because blackmails and pressures have limits”, he said, while emphasiding that the government’s aim is not to escape through the ballot box, but cooperation with Mr Tsipras to put the country on the path of growth.

Reactions of the opposition

Talks of elections has caused the strong reaction of the opposition, with ND answering to the statements of the president of the House, speaking of amateurism.

“Mr Voutsis said that in SYRIZA they are not ‘election hobbyists’. Unfortunately, they are ‘hobbyists’ in the governance of the country. The amateurism with which the Government is facing extremely critical issues like immigration – refugee problem, confirms it”, writes the statement of ND.

Against early election sttod the president of DIMAR Thanasis Theocharopoulos, after his meeting at the Presidential Palace with the President of the Republic of Greece, Prokopis Pavlopoulos.

“Our country does not need elections, the country does not need to resort to the polls again in such a short time. What is needed is to have effective solutions, an effective policy to resolve the chronic problems the country is facing”, he said.

“Government, opposition parties and professional bodies must be put in a sincere dialogue with realistic demands, to find common ground, because the country cannot withstand the destabilisation we see coming”, stressed The River MP Spyros Danellis.

On its part, the Union of Centrists party, with a statement notes that “there is no time neither for a new Prime Minister, nor egoism, nor election scenarios and advocates as the only solution at this moment the formation of an ecumenical government with technocrats.