Government PR more important than the health of Macedonian children

Government PR more important than the health of Macedonian children

On Saturday, we watched a spectacular wasteful spending of the citizens’ money from the state budget by organizing celebrations that, besides having no occasion, were completely unsuccessful. Many spoke of their political and economic unjustification – the former one can be subjective, but the latter, the economic unjustification, is exact.

We received a statement from the government service that 180,000 euros were spent, a sum that may be several times higher, but I will stick to the official figures, everything that is above those figures would be even more tragic.

What can be done with 180,000 euros? Or, how much does one of Zaev’s unsuccessful parties cost?

According to Eurostat data, the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia are at the bottom according to the number of citizens that can or cannot afford a 7-day vacation. In the Republic of Macedonia, over 70% of citizens cannot afford an annual holiday of more than seven days. Citizens usually go on short weekends or spend their vacation in their homes.

The Financial Think poll conducted last year shows disappointing results about poverty in Macedonia to the point that as many as 78 percent of the population cannot afford to buy at least one piece of new clothes each month. And 69 percent of citizens cannot afford to go on vacation or travel at least once a year.

If an average Macedonian family decides to go on vacation, borrowing is inevitable. Polls say that 30% of Macedonians are forced to borrow for annual vacations.

In the past, funds that are now being wasted on building party ratings have been directed by the VMRO-DPMNE-led government for free annual leave for children who come from families that are social welfare beneficiaries. Calculate how many of these children that cannot go on vacation the government can send with those wasted 180,000 euros spent on a pointless party.

Or calculate how many pensioners could have been sent for free spa relaxation with those 180,000 euros.

The government headed by VMRO-DPMNE sent more than 12,000 children on vacation, and 32,000 pensioners took advantage of their right to free spa relaxation. Today those same pensioners were brought to a techno party organized by Zaev. The goal of this project was to develop the psychomotor development of children and the ability to discuss, respecting differences and cooperation in groups, the ability to accept oneself and others, and orientation in space.

The SDSM government is unable to use the money from the budget for any capital investments and projects that will be beneficial for the citizens, the disastrous realization of the budget is another indication that this Government has no vision and instead of specific projects spends 180,000 euros on “celebrations”. The government needs to wake up from the dream, it’s not time to celebrate – it’s time for work. 300,000 employees working in the private sector do not use their annual leave they are entitled to under the law. There is a practice in the private sector not to abide by the laws, so half of the workers in Macedonia do not use their vacation days at all. That is how much Zaev’s parties cost, hundreds of children’s smiling faces.

Aleksandar Nikoloski