Government: “Panousis should address Justice instead of making serious allegations in the Μedia”

Government: “Panousis should address Justice instead of making serious allegations in the Μedia”

Athens, November 9, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The prime minister’s office issued a response to the allegations of Yannis Panousis for politicians’ links with terrorism and a political plan for his physical extermination, noting that was is reported is very serious and “should be submitted to Justice, instead of circulating the Media”.

” Panousis should address Justice instead of making serious allegations in the Media. The allegations made public by Panousis are too serious to be circulating in the Media, rather than submitting them formally and in detail to Justice”, writes the communication issued by the prime minister’s office.

There had been chain reactions, with ND, PASOK and The River demanding the intervention of the Prime Minister.

According to reports, deputy Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Toskas, contacted Panousis, posing the question why didn’t he notify the competent authorities since he believed there was a risk to his life. According to reports, Panousis said the issue is political, not a matter for the police.

The Prime Minister was briefed on the subject of Panousis in the sidelines of the meetings he on Sunday morning for the negotiation and the refugee problem, according to government sources.

The former Public Order Minister alleges direct threats made by organised groups based in prisons, terrorists and officers within the police who have relations with corrupt people involved in politics.

According to Panousis, everything he knows and has witnessed have been recorded in a book with pseudonyms, while for his own safety and that of his family he has given the real names to a notary.

“My text makes clear what has been done. What has been done, that is, in the background. Not in the open. What has been done with terrorism, where there are links of politicians with terrorism and how these politicians are threatening me. Because they are threatening my life”, he says in the newspaper “Proto Thema”.

The former minister spoke to Mega television and reminded of the threats and interventions that had seen the light of day, with a corrupt circuit of officers from Immigrations Department and their relations with senior officers and persons engaged in politics, who had previously agreed how much time he will remain in the Ministry of Public Order.

“Minister Yiannis Panousis will be gone in four months. The positions of the officers will be arranged by the “tall guy”. The “tall guy” will finish the matter inside the party”, reportedly said a member of the circuit.