Government cannot offer financial help for repatriated refugees

Government cannot offer financial help for repatriated refugees

Pristina, February 24, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

80 Kosovo nationals are being repatriated today to Kosovo from different EU countries. The Minister of Interior, Skender Hyseni, declared today that the people who will be repatriated will not benefit from the Reintegration Program.

“Let’s be honest, the possibilities of the government of Kosovo to help with funds a large number of those who are repatriated, are limited. This is why we have constantly appealed for them not to embark on this journey. It’s an adventure which will end up with the repatriation of all illegal emigrants, but I’m sorry to also say that everyone will return poorer than they were before they went”, Hyseni said.

Hyseni also blames Serbia for the numbers of people who are leaving, because it has opened a corridor, that Kosovo people use to get to Hungary.

“Illegal migration is worrying for Kosovo. It’s taking place due to the bad social and economic situation in the country, but the opened corridor through Serbia is encouraging this migration even more, because citizens of Kosovo can easily get to Serbia through an ID card and then reach the first border of a Shenghen country”, Hyseni said.

Minister Hyseni said that the liberalization of the visa regime is the best way to stop unlawful migration.

He said that Kosovo is not putting pressure on EU countries on this issue, because according to him, the country has fulfilled 99% of the criteria for liberalization.

“It’s unfair for Kosovo to be kept isolated. We will continue to do everything in order to fulfill the criteria for liberalization, but at the same time, we will insist for the EU to see the issue of liberalization not as a legal issue, but as a complex stance which involves a human aspect”, minister Hyseni added. /ibna/