Government in Kosovo outlaws participation in foreign conflicts

Government in Kosovo outlaws participation in foreign conflicts

Pristina, December 19, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The government has approved a bill which outlaws the participation of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo in foreign conflicts

In the meeting held on Friday, chaired by PM Isa Mustafa, Interior Minister, Skender Hyseni, said that this bill aims at protecting national interests and stop the participation of Kosovo’s nationals in conflicts taking place in different countries of the world.

“So far, we have seen a growing trend of the participation of the citizens in foreign conflicts, for financial purposes or other purposes”.

Minister Hyseni said that these people return in the country and undertake propaganda activities in order to encourage others to join such activities.

He said that the approval of such law is necessary to be made as soon as possible by parliament of Kosovo.

“I believe that the creation of a legal framework for the education of such people who participate in foreign conflicts or in any other form of informal paramilitary organization outside of the territory of Kosovo, is urgent”, said the minister of Interior.

This bill has been drafted in cooperation with other institutions of the country. The bill which prohibits citizens of Kosovo to participate in foreign conflicts, had gone through the first voting in parliament during the last legislature, but after parliament was dissolved, it will be sent for voting again.

The first voting has been necessary especially after the fact that tens of Kosovo nationals went to Syria and Iraq and joined terrorist organizations in order to fight in the name of Islam and God.

Upon the approval of this bill, citizens of Kosovo who are participating in foreign conflicts, may receive up to 15 years in prison. /ibna/