Government clashes with judiciary over Siemens case

Government clashes with judiciary over Siemens case

Athens, July 14, 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The government and Syriza made sharp comments against judges but also against ND and PASOK after what happened with the trial on the Siemens slush funds.

Initially, government sources attacked the appeals prosecutor, saying that „responsibility should be sought for the blocking of the continuation of the trial of the Siemens case“. The same sources spoke of „a systematice attempt“ not only to interfere with the Siemens case but also to lead it to being shelved and pinning fault on the government.

Government sources mention also that in the meeting held Wednesday noon at the Maximos Mansion, the PM and the new Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Xenia Dimitriou, the latter informed Alexis Tsipras that an investigation has begun on who is responsible for the blocking of the Siemens case.

The same sources noted that “we clearly say that the Appeals Prosecutor has received everything it requested (the translation of the decree for the Siemens case), so the responsibility should be sought there”. This insinuates that there was “manipulation” as they commented that “Doyakos is too good a lawyer to have made such an omission”.

The government does not hide its impression, as stressed, caused to it by the fact that since yesterday “all the old establishment is out accusing the government that it is trying to write off responsibility”. Pointing to incidents of the past implicating officials of ND and PASOK in the Siemens case, the same sources note that “it is audacious to say the least” on behalf of ND and PASOK whose officials “have carried out so many blatant actions” in obstructing the case or ridding people of responsibility, or even had direct involvement, to accuse the government. Specifically, government sources refer to the relation D. Bakoyannis has with M. Christoforakos, the escape of Ch. Karavelas abroad when she was foreign minister and the “black money” that Mr. Tsoukatos had admitted ended up in PASOK coffers from Siemens.

A severe attack against ND and PASOK was also unleashed by Syriza on the Siemens case. An announcement reads:

“Probably PASOK and ND believe that the citizens of this country have a goldfish memory. The people, however, have not forgotten the black Siemens’ funds, the suitcases of Mr. Tsoukatos, the “odd” fleeing of Christoforakos and Karavelas (when Bakoyannis was Foreign Minister). Nobody has forgotten the “donations”, call centers and coffeemakers; the scandalous court settlement with the company, or the process by which it came to parliament, the terms of which were never respected by Siemens. Syriza, like Synaspismos in the past, has fought by all means in and out of parliament to uncover the “scandal of all scandals”.

By order of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, on Thursday morning at 9, Justice Minister Nikos Paraskevopoulos will urgently visit the Supreme Court Prosecutor Xeni Demetriou to ask her to order the hearing of the Siemens case which has been postponed indefinitely.

The Prime Minsiter contacted the Justice Minister and after being informed in detail about developments in the judicial investigation of the case, he asked him to go to Mrs Dimitriou, in order to demand the trial continues.

Last night Deputy Foreign Minister Yannis Amanatidis, in his capacity as Head of the translation service of the ministry, delivered all the “disputed” translations.