Government acts are like a time bomb for the Albanian economy, says the opposition

Government acts are like a time bomb for the Albanian economy, says the opposition

Tirana, March 27, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Opposition in Albania says that poverty and unemployment have increased, economic growth has fallen along with the level of wellbeing and that the acts of the government, according to it, are like time bombs for the Albanian economy.

This was said today by the leader of the Democratic Party in a meeting with the executive director of the World Bank for Albania, Patrizio Pagano (photo).

After the meeting, Mr. Basha said that he expressed his concern about what he considers to be a deterioration of the economic situation in the country.

“We shared our concern about the political crisis that has engulfed the country due to the wrong and arbitrary policies followed by the government”, Mr. Basha said.

According to him, “the fall of incomes on one side and the growth of taxes and prices by the government, as it was the case with power supply, fuels, etc, are the main causes of the increase of poverty, weakening of economy and the loss of consumer confidence”.

Basha said that the government has imposed a double standard in the application of the law and has deepened social injustice by selectively damaging the properties of the citizens and by punishing in a selective way the citizens for their power supply debts, favoring big debtors who have ties with the government or who are part of the governance, as it’s the case with several majority MPs.

“Growing corruption and the penetration of crime in decision making are factors with a very negative impact in the overall economic situation in the country”, said the leader of opposition.

“The acts of the government are a time bomb for the economy, because they are not well studied and efficient reforms, but short term measures which have given negative effects, such as it was the case with the pension scheme”, Mr. Basha said. /ibna/