Golden Dawn MEP expelled from the European Parliament

Golden Dawn MEP expelled from the European Parliament

Athens, March 10, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

For the first time in the European Parliament history, an MEP was asked to leave the meeting of the plenary.

The decision refers to the Greek Golden Dawn MP Eleftherios Synadinos, by decision of the EP President Martin Schulz.

The reason is the MEP intervention for the refugees issue, stating that “as scientists have written, Ottoman Turks are barbarians are dirty, are like dogs barking and when the enemy comes back they fall back”.

Explaining his decision, Schultz said that according to the EU’s Article 165, “it is a gross violation of human rights to which the EU is committed and bows. This is an attempt to overcome red lines, in order to accept the racism. But this will not pass with me”, he added.

“Therefore under Article 165 of the Regulation in conjunction with Article 11, Mr. Synadinos shall be excluded promptly from the meeting and the room”, explained the president.

To the protests expressed by Synadinos’ colleagues, Schulz stressed that “when without delay measures are taken there is no discussion” and invited the MEP to leave.

PASOK: “We thank Martin Schulz”

In announcement under the title “We thank Martin Schulz”, PASOK praises Social Democrat president of the European Parliament for this move.

“Just two days after the EU-Turkey summit, the results of which put in question even fundamental European values ​​and principles, the current decision of the European Parliament President Martin Schulz to expel from the room the Golden Dawn MEP Synadinos proves that the reflexes of the ​​Europe of values have not been fully disabled.

In our House, the tolerance displayed on systematic undemocratic practice of the Golden Dawn, gives voice and public discourse on racism and xenophobia.

The neo-Nazism, however, can not be tolerated and does not have a place in the public sphere. The rhetoric of hatred, especially when wearing the deceptive cloak of political discourse, can not and must not remain unanswered.

Neither in Strasbourg nor in Athens nor anywhere”, the statement of PASOK writes.

The River: “Congratulations to Martin Schulz”

“When the rules are applied and when in the democratic institutions dialogue is separated by hatred, then Golden Dawn members and other right-wing extremists will be condemned to silence and oblivion.

Once again the European Parliament shows to the European Commission (and in the States that want to call themselves European) the road”, notes The River.

Far-right delusions at the Greek Parliament by a Golden Dawn MP

Within the borders, the parliamentary representative of the party led by N. Michaloliakos, called from the step of the House, Israel a “murderer state”.

“We have excellent bilateral relations with the Arab world, which are now being shaken with the relationships we have developed with the state killer of the area, Israel”, Ch. Pappas said. Many heads were turned by the fact that neither the president of the meeting G. Varemenos nor the bystander Deputy Foreign Minister I Amanatidis restored to order the MP, for his choice, within the Greek Parliament, to attack verbally with such characterizations another state..

None of those who were in the room (several MPs from all parties) complained, however, to the second “choice” of the GD MP, to liken to refugees and migrants who are or come to Greece with fanatic bloodthirsty killers. He said: “At the moment things are serious for our country. Greece is in danger. There are very serious problems, such as the problem of mass migration of hundreds of thousands of Muslims. They come here all of the world’s persecuted, they come here people who are of a different religion, different race, different culture. These people, if you remember and watch the internet and news, raise with their hands severed heads”.