Glezos: Vote for the Communist Party or for Democratic Unity

Glezos: Vote for the Communist Party or for Democratic Unity

Athens, September 11, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Vote to KKE or the Popular Unity, for the “people’s power”, proposed by the head of State ballot for Popular Unity, Manolis Glezos, speaking to the radio station “Praktorio 104,9 FM”.

“I would like all the parties of the left, the anti-memorandum ones, to be ablle to forge a front. The Greek people will see this, It’s in its judgment, the people will vote whoever they want”, Manolis Glezos said and added:

“And for this reason, each voter of the Left can vote freely, either the Communist Party of Greece or the Popular Unity for power to the people. And I would like to implore all the other parties of the Left that do not have a chance to be present in the new House, to not go to waste their vote, because wasted votes go in favour of the ruling parties. They should choose to vote either the Communist Party or the Popular Unity for power to the people”.

Glezos noted that “because elections are significant” and because he was never absent from the struggles of the Greek people, he felt obliged “despite differences of perceptions” to participate in the Popular Unity, which has as a “decisive goal”, the “power to the people”.

“For this reason I accepted to be in the State ballot”, he said

“All parties say, vote us. Why; Why should we vote? I do not ask the Greek people to vote for us. I ask the Greek people to vote themselves, and use as a tool to achieve their goal either the Communist Party or the Popular Unity for power to the people, which are the two anti-memorandum parties that say it loud and clear. Have they hidden the fact that they are anti-memorandum?”, Glezos wondered and continued:

“There are several minor issues that separate us from KKE and LAE, but we can find solutions as we go along”.

Asked whether he includes SYRIZA in anti-memorandum parties, Glezos replied: “SYRIZA supports a memorandum, I do not have to include it. It includes itself in the parties that support the memoranda”.

“The single party that turned into Maximus government ignored, in principle, the democratic standards. It did things without asking the others”, he added.

Glezos explained that “because there isn’t a single anti-memorandum front and only two anti-memorandum parties of the Left which are able to elect deputies are in the forefront”, he suggests voters “not only to judge and compare, not only to choose but to vote for themselves, using these two parties as the tool”. “Everywhere, all over Greece, the first cells for power to the people are being formed and you will see them in the near future”, Glezos stated.

“Right now the authoritarian centralized undemocratic regime of the EU must be overturned and the beginning will come from Greece. Whether they want it or not Greece will be in the forefront again”, Glezos said and continued:

“I call the whole Greek people to take power into its hands. The Greek people to decide and the parties to execute the decisions of the Greek people. Committees everywhere. Both in workplaces and residential areas and elsewhere else, committees the power of the people must be formed immediately”.