Glezos: ‘A split in SYRIZA would be a victory of the reactionary forces’

Glezos: ‘A split in SYRIZA would be a victory of the reactionary forces’

Athens, August 3, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The proposal for a moratorium with its creditors reiterates in an interview with the newspaper “Avgi”, Manolis Glezos, and stresses that a split in SYRIZA would be the victory of the reactionary forces.

“The Government believes that the third memorandum is the only way. But in fact there could be other solutions”, Glezos says and stresses that the solution is neither a rupture nor subjugation, but the freezing of all the problems associated with the loans. “We could neither borrow nor pay off loans and interest rates would freeze for a time”, Glezos says. He also notes that “there would be no difficulty of fulfilling all our obligations to pensioners and workers, if we didn’t have to repay the loans to lenders”.

“We can’t hide anymore. The third memorandum is a memorandum. When you accuse the other two memoranda, why defend the third? I said publicly that it is worse than the previous ones, but I was particularly referring to its political dimension. That is, I never expected that the government elected by the people would never accept such a memorandum. I never expected a government of the Left to accept such a proposal”, Glezos says, while to the question what could the prime minister have done, Manolis Glezos replied that six months passed during which the country’s economy could have moved, “something which we did not do and we are accountable for”. He also stresses that no actions were taken to activate forces in the rural economy, interventions for the people to generate values, on who should be given powers.

Glezos also criticised the acceptance of VAT rates and stresses that the Left is opposed to indirect taxes which affect the consumer.

Asked for Alexis Tsipras he replied: “I still have hopes that he will see the mistakes he confesses he has done, and will make history”, “I hope and still believe that Alexis Tsipras will reflect on his mistakes and will correct them in practice by giving the power to the people and jobs to everyone”.

Asked about his attendance to the concentration of Iskra and the approach of the Left Platform, Manolis Glezos replied: “I told Panagiotis Lafazanis, I am here, but you were not on the concentration of the Parliament for the restoration of the Republic. I was there and I’m here, and I will go wherever I am invited. I go because the diversity of views is the source of our Left”. He also states that the employee is disoriented when you tell him “the form of currency will save you”, but also notes that the prime minister should call a congress to clarify the role and form of the currency.

On the debt issue, he proposes bilateral contacts with other States to determine whether and what we owe them, and underlines the need the Parliamentary Committee for the truth of debt to consider one by one the loans individually. Glezos also refers to the financial asphyxiation, underlines the need to streamline public finances and adds that if we find ourselves in need, he has proposed an internal bimodal loan, voluntary for the poor and compulsory for the wealthy.

On SYRIZA’s party matters, Glezos warns that a split would be victory of the reactionary forces in Greece and abroad. On the extraordinary congress answered that “under no circumstances must the agreement be approved only by the government”, to underline, “we did not give a blank check to the negotiating team and so before any negotiation is required not the opinion of the government of Maximou, but the opinion of the members of SYRIZA”.