Gjiknuri in Sofia: Joint infrastructural projects in the region

Gjiknuri in Sofia: Joint infrastructural projects in the region

Albania has made advancements in coordinating with neighboring countries, by applying for several joint strategic projects regarding the development of infrastructure and rail transport.

The country will soon start to implement the railway project and finalize several road segments as part of the southeastern corridors. Meanwhile, there are also other important projects such as that concerning the management of maritime space and other railway projects, especially the joint links between Greece, FYROM and other countries of the region.

This was said by the Albanian minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Damian Gjiknuri who is in Sofia, where he’s participating in the High Level Conference hosted by the Bulgarian Presidency of the European Union.

On the other hand, coordination is being requested and Albania is collaborating with Montenegro, FYROM and Greece to benefit from joint projects.

Another topic discussed during this conference had to do with the facilitation of cross-border transport, joint customs procedures and joint customs points.  /balkaneu.com/