Giorgos Papandreou leaves window open for creation of new party

Giorgos Papandreou leaves window open for creation of new party


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

Former Prime minister’s, Giorgos Papandreou statements have shook the foundations of PASOK. Speaking at the opening of the exhibition – a tribute to the founder of PASOK Andreas Papandreou “From the Adamant in Change”, which was hosted at Zappeio and transferred to Heraklion, the former president of PASOK said: “we seek a new beginning”.

During his speech, Mr. Papandreou said: “we are thirsty for the regeneration of our movement, which will act as a catalyst to the regeneration of the country”. and added: ” I will serve this expectation, as best and as hyphen I can, having a sense of the responsibility that weights on me”.

Afterwards, he explained what the ‘new start’ he mentioned means, stressing that “our path must be based on solid foundations and there is no solid ground without truths and values​​”.

Also has made a recursion  to the past and the inclusion of the country in the Memorandum and defended his decisions as Prime minister and wondered: “What would have done in 2010 those who are now drowning in a spoonful of water? They wouldn’t have lasted an hour”. Continuing he wondered: “where are those who were saying that we have inflated the deficit; where are those who were saying that we would be given tens of billions”.

“They weren’t lending us not a fake pound without predatory interest rates”, he said, adding that “now they understand what it meant to fight for the obvious against a conservative Europe which wanted to punish us. Maybe now they understand what would have happened to  Greece after a bankruptcy. Those who were tearing up the Memorandum with words, were left with them”.

He also mentioned that “with a national consensus in 2011 and the referendum that I proposed, we would have solved the problem today”.

Elsewhere in his speech he stated that “when sometime we exit this difficult situation, this will be because of the sacrifices of the Greeks, as well as this movement that did not give up, but did its debt to the country, although some in our movement are embarrassed and find it difficult to see this, ashamed to defend it, to admit it”, he said.

At the same time, Papandreou spoke of the need for a progressive government and said: “Indeed I am concerned. Few decide, no one informs. What we need is basic national consultation to go forward”.

The former PM also proposed an international Congress on the management of the national debt here in Greece, the conclusions of which could be used by political parties.

Papandreou estimated that his work and policies are vindicated by the day and asked them to defend them, saying we are many and we share the same values.  “The road of our values​​, the way of our principles, calls us again. To this call, we will go again together”.