Gerovasili: The preventive legislation undermines the program

Gerovasili: The preventive legislation undermines the program

Athens, April 25, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Apart from the fact that it contradicts the legal system, preventive legislation could act as a self-fulfilling prophecy, causing obstacles in the economy and investment, believes government spokeswoman Olga Gerovasili, commenting on the additional measures requested by the IMF.

In an interview in Real News, Gerovasili underlines that with the finalisation of the evaluation is disbursed the tranche and the discussion begins for the reduction of the Greek debt”, while she declares that they “will stay with the appetite” those who aspire to cracks in the governing majority .

“The government respects fully the requirements of the summer Agreement, what’s more, surpassing the goals. The same is required by all other sides. Already in the summer agreement was provided corrective actions if and when there is a deviation from the targets. We have achieved outperformance in meeting the goals, which is proved without doubt by the figures of EUROSTAT.

“Preventive legislation under dozens of conditions, apart from the fact that it contradicts the legal system, would work as a self-fulfilling prophecy, causing obstacles in the economy and investment. Eventually that is, we will have a subversive effect on the program itself. We have demonstrated that we achieve and overturn the predictions for the better. The IMF on the contrary is known for its mane and many unsuccessful forecasts”, says Gerovasili.

“The government is implementing a deal which put in the judgment of the Greek people, respecting the rules of democracy, unlike the Papandreou and Samaras governments, which brought memorandums, having mislead the Greek people and circumvented their election program”, she continues.

She stresses that “our effectiveness is proven with concrete evidence, having first achieved outperformance in compliance with the agreement terms and a more positive economic performance than the forecasts (with figures of EUROSTAT for a 0,7% primary surplus, instead of a 0.25 % deficit and a marginal decline of 0.2% instead of a 0.7% of GDP in 2015)”.

Regarding the position of the MPs in adopting the measures, the government spokeswoman points out that “the MPs of the ruling majority have demonstrated that they understand their responsibility… As we do not deviate from the August agreement, those who aspire to cracks in government majority will stay with the appetite”.

With regard to Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who called for elections in the ND Congress, Gerovasili argued that “he wants power here and now, fearing the successful completion of the evaluation, when his extreme destructionist rhetoric will not have any value. It seems that he wishes for his gloom projections for the economy to come true. He is not content in defending the requirements of the IMF, but resorts to irresponsible extremist crowns on order and security. Mr Mitsotakis has no inhibition in the use of any means and the adopting of a far-right agenda for the seizure of power”.

On the vote of the bills (social security – tax), Gerovasili says the House, as usual, will break for Easter, so the plenary discussion will take place after the holidays with the resumption of its works.