Gerovasili: The government cohesion is unwavering

Gerovasili: The government cohesion is unwavering

Athens, March 21, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

“There are still pending the meetings between the prime minister and the two ministers, and it makes no sense to make any estimates. Although the different priorities of the two political areas are understood, which are nevertheless perfectly cooperate in the common field of governance, no decision will be taken in absentia of the other side”, said the government spokeswoman Olga Gerovasili, in an interview with the daily “Real News”, questioned whether “the discussion of the prime minister with the president of ANEL for overcoming the crisis will be with Mr Mouzalas inside or outside the government?”.

To the question how she views the reaction of Mr. Kammenoa, Mrs. Gerovasili expressed confidence that “the president of ANEL understands the essence of the context in which a word faux pas occurred, despite his reaction, which moves in the context of his view on national issues.

“The explanations on the part of Mr. Mouzalaa have been given and there is no doubt that he serves the established national position on the name of the neighbouring country”, she added.

Asked if in the event of disagreement between the prime minister and the president of ANEL the country will be led to elections, Ms. Gerovasili said that “governments do not fall from verbal misses. Nor because some hurry to “sew costumes”, but when they do not achieve their goals” .

“The president of ANEL repeatedly confirmed his trust to the government. I will not go into a meaningless gossip. Especially in this very critical period of a double negotiation underway to address the economic and refugee crisis, which Greece is faced with”, she said.

Regarding the stance of the Democratic Coalition and The River on this issue, she said that “the Democratic Coalition and – less – The River, tried to capitalise one unfortunate – and justified – expression in the momentum of speech. Although not as carelessly and untargeted was expressed by Mr. Mitsotakis”, and added that “the opposition, ahead of a crucial summit, expected benefits from a governmental crisis that never came”.

Regarding the possibility of “a mini reshuffle” she said that when and to what extent the government will change shape is up to the Prime minister to judge “and always on the basis of maximum efficiency”.

In a journalistic observation that “some ministers are very prone to blunders in their interviews”, the government spokesman pointed out that the government is composed of “non-professional politicians” who seeking a new political culture of dialogue, different from the “pre-communicative vocabulary of past decades”, while simultaneously disclaims “the political rules of idle chatter”.

“It should however be noted that certain SMEs (we all know which ones) are engaged in unethical practices, isolating expressions or altering them. Some people are accustomed to such practices, which are increasing as the para-system feels threatened. I urge in good faith your colleagues to safeguard the public dialogue and not go too far. Hitting the government comes second when in this attempt is harmed the major good, which is none other than the interests of the country”, added the government spokesman.

Mrs. Gerovasili said that it is not the government’s intentions, nor is there a need for a coalition with other parties.

She spoke of “unshakable parliamentary cohesion”, adding that “the government continues, especially on major national issues, to seek consensus and find common lines” and stated that “from this point however, to changing the composition of the parliamentary majority there is a huge distance. Some may continue to seek to return to power without resorting to elections, but for us the parliamentary composition is defined to the polls by the sovereign people. We have repeatedly demonstrated our faith in the democratic processes”.

Asked why the government criticises Mr. Mitsotakis, she said, “we are critisising Mr. Mitsotakis for the misguided and hasty statements, but also for his inconsistency”.

“His recent  assumption of his new responsibilities may justify some errors of “youth”. But not when these contradict the Greek interests”, she said, adding that Mr. Mitsotakis “can not – won’t – be disconnected from an extreme team of executives. “He is often guided by far-right and nationalist ND cores, despite the liberal and moderate profile he seeks to present. At the same time he get lost in the ideological extremes of the EEP Eurogroup he belongs, next to nationalists and populists like Viktor Orban. For example, while claiming that Brussels accuses foreign leaders that their unilateral actions closed the border, inside the country he denounces that the government has signed the closing of the border. Let him decide what he will say, as long as its the same inside and outside Greece, as he has promised”.

As regards the deletion of Mr. Failos Kranidiotis from ND, Ms. Gerovasili said he “had to reach unimaginable hate speech to be forced to remove him. However, he was known for his anti-democratic, racist and intolerant positions for years. Certainly, Mr. Mitsotakis had realised it”.

Finally, when asked if the government is afraid of the possibility of a motion of censure on the part of the opposition, she said that “the opposition has the right to use any institutional procedure it judges. Beyond that, we are used to their blustering in an attempt to attract their party voters”.