Germany starts to repatriate asylum seekers

Germany starts to repatriate asylum seekers

Tirana, 29 July 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

German authorities started today the sped procedure of the repatriation of Albanian nationals who applied for asylum in different cities of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Albana Rjepaj of the Press Office and Public Relations at the German embassy to Tirana, confirmed that on Wednesday, a charter plane will arrive to Tirana from Kassel (Hessen) with 70 people on board.

Mrs. Rjepaj confirmed that the repatriation of the refugees comes “in the framework of the operation launched by German institutions to speed up the process of repatriation for Albanian asylum seekers”.

The measures applied by the German government follow a growing number of Albanians seeking asylum in Germany. They appear before emigration officials and asylum seekers’ centers in different cities and are accommodated in barracks, where conditions are often reported to be miserable.

The majority of Albanians apply for economic asylum, but the German authorities have made it clear that they will not offer economic asylum to a country which has been granted the EU associate member status.

Meanwhile, many other Albanians have also applied for political asylum and for reasons of security and social reasons, such as blood feud, revenge, fear and lack of safety for different reasons in Albania, etc. /ibna/