Germany to finance the power line linking Albania to FYROM

Germany to finance the power line linking Albania to FYROM

The Albanian and German government signed today the second part of the agreement for the funding of the project “Transmission line 400 kV Albania-FYROM”. In total, the low interest rate loan that the German bank KfW is funding for this project amounts to 50 million euros.

The project strengthens interconnection lines with the region, enabling the necessary conditions for commercial exchanges without power restrictions in the region. This project develops the 400 kV network in the southern region of Albania and as part of the infrastructure of the Eighth European Corridor, it offers good opportunities for better underwater cable connections with Italy.

Hans Joachim Fuchtel, German State Secretary, said that his country “is ready to support Albania in its path toward EU integration and support the implementation of the necessary reforms which serve this goal”.

Germany is the biggest bilateral donor of Albania. The Albanian government praises Germany’s contribution for the interconnection line that connects Albania to Kosovo. Prime Minister Edi Rama said today that this “power line doesn’t only boost capacities and diversifies power sources, but it also serves the regional market”.

After the completion of the interconnection line between Albania and Kosovo, the line with FYROM is the biggest energy project which will be drafted in the next three years. The line is 55 km long, extending from Qafe Thana to Elbasan and 70 km long from Elbasan to Fier.

With today’s agreement with FYROM, another power line is secured from Turkey to Bulgaria, FYROM and Albania. /