Gennimata – Theodorakis meeting with an eye to the next day

Gennimata – Theodorakis meeting with an eye to the next day

Athens, March 31, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Head of The River Stavros Theodorakis called Wednesday morning the president of the Democratic coalition (PASOK-DIMAR) Fofi Gennimata and agreed to meet on in the afternoon of Thursday 5 in the House.

The meeting is expected to revolve around the scope of cooperation of the parliamentary groups of the Democratic coalition and The River, as well as further joint actions.

The initiative of Theodorakis came after the move of Genimmata on March 18 to send letters to the head of The River Stavros Theodorakis and the president of Socialist Democrats Movement George Papandreou, requesting a meeting with them.

In response, Theodorakis had noted that he does not reject dialogue for the reconstitution of the center-left space but with a view of “a great new social alliance”.

Papandreou says yes to Theodorakis’ proposal for a meeting

George Papandreou responded positively to a letter-invitation sent to him without being announced by the head of The River Stavros Theodorakis.

In response, the former prime minister and head of KIDISO states that “the Movement of Democratic Socialists and myself remain fully committed to the need of promoting the big changes needed by the country” and that based on this target “we are getting involved in this dialogue for the cooperation of the progressive forces, which main purpose should be the national and social stake:

How will Greece overcome the crisis facing boldly the real, not artificial causes, in order to build the Greece of the next day on solid democratic foundations”.

George Papandreou notes that this exercise should have a progressive sign.

“This initiative is imperative, especially today, that the failure of SYRIZA-ANEL government and the corresponding ND to address the real challenges of the country and to exploit the potential and comparative advantages of Hellenism, as demonstrated by its governance, have led the Greek society in a dangerous stagnation, even polarisation”, says the president of KIDISO and states that he is open to a meeting with the head of The River.