Gennimata: Anyone who wants to become a sidekick to SΥΡΙΖΑ and ND, let’s catch position

Gennimata: Anyone who wants to become a sidekick to SΥΡΙΖΑ and ND, let’s catch position

Athens, February 22, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Attack both to the prime minister and the president of ND launched the president of PASOK Fofi Gennimata, describing their attitude as a non-national choice, at critical moments for the country, which require consensus and consultation.

During her speech at the Regional Coordinating Organ of Attica, Gennimata stressed that while the country is falling apart the government uses its power to control the Media and to establish a vicious partisan state, while ND indicates that if Mr. Tsipras cannot do it alone, then let’s go to elections. Moreover, she stressed that “I want to be useful to the place, and not useful to the plans of Mr. Tsipras and Mr. Mitsotakis, and those who support them and invest in them. Anyone who wants to become a sidekick of Syriza and ND, let him get his hat and go catch a stand”, she said.

Addressing Mr. Tsipras and Mr. Mitsotakis, she said:

“It’s time to realize that the possession of power is not sufficient to resolve the problems of this country. Big problems, ethnic problems, political, economic and social. Investing in social polarization and division, and what’s more in critical national moments that require consent and consultation, is investing in the destruction of the Nation and the homeland.

National Selection Responsibility is to create conditions of understanding, collusion and collaboration of all the powers of the Democratic Arc for the major issues of the Nation and the Republic. National Selection Responsibility is to seek awakening and cooperation of all forces of the European Arc, in order to draw together a real plan of hope”, Ms. Gennimata concluded.

Venizelos: The country is adrift – It needs a government of all pro-European and democratic forces

The country is “adrift”, “control has been lost” and there should be a government with the participation of all democratic and pro-European forces, said the MP and former PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos, coming to the event organized by Movements for Social Democracy and Movements for the center-left.

“The country unfortunately is adrift. Control has been lost. It’s not just the economy, the evaluation that does not end, the social security we know nothing about, it is of course the refugee issue, it is the loss of national strength, because unfortunately the Memorandum has been complicated with national issues, as well as with security and defence issues. As such an excess is needed and this excess can not be made  by Mr. Tsipras with Mr. Kammenos and their government”, Venizelos said, according to a publication of the AMNA.

To the question who can make this transition, he replied: “Our position is well known. Unfortunately it has not been perceived. There should be a government with the participation of all democratic pro-European forces, without meanness, with the required generosity, in order for the society to understand that we need a national widespread support strategy to win what belongs to us, the equal position in Europe and the world”.

Asked if the government can come from this House, he said: “These are issues that depend on the attitude of the parliamentary majority. After the September elections Mr. Tsipras chose the smallest possible solution, the most miserable, the most controversial, the most dysfunctional. He did not make an opening seeking partnerships and consensus. Therefore, at this moment the situation is not such that would promise something good for the country”.