Gennimata hints at offering support to prospective Mitsotakis government

Gennimata hints at offering support to prospective Mitsotakis government

Movement for Change (KINAL) party leader Fofi Gennimata appeared to have altered her stance over the possibility of supporting a New Democracy (ND)–led government, in the event that the party is short of a majority after the 7 July election.

New Democracy is currently leading ruling SYRIZA in opinion polls – many of which show the center-right party in front by double-digits. However, ND leader Kyriacos Mitsotakis made clear on Tuesday that if the winning party fails to command a majority in the House, “the country will be led back to the polls in August, with a simple proportional representation system.”

Observers point out that an ensuing election under the proportional representation system would lead to fragmentation, with many parties electing MPs to the House, which could potentially lead to fresh political crisis. Fears are raised that such a development would put Greece’s hard-earned economic recovery in jeopardy.

In this light, both New Democracy and KINAL have committed to amending the electoral law. Gennimata told OPEN TV in an interview that her party “is a force of normality and will not let the country hit the rocks”.

According to political analysts, Gennimata’s comments are seen to be pointing to KINAL offering to support a prospective ND government to amend the electoral law, complete constitutional review and negotiate with Greece’s creditors to agree a lowering of primary surplus targets.

However, it isn’t considered likely that Gennimata will seek to join a coalition government under Mitsotakis. Gennimata’s strategy, according to analyses, rests on efforts to stop increased polarization from putting KINAL voters under pressure to swing towards either of the two front-runners.

Tellingly, an opinion poll for Marc presented by ANT1 television on Monday evening showed a significant number of KINAL voters would prefer a government being formed by Kyriacos Mitsotakis./ibna