Genimmata: The single entity the answer to the dilemma “Syriza or New Democracy”

Genimmata: The single entity the answer to the dilemma “Syriza or New Democracy”

Athens, January 21, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The proposal for the creation of a wider political entity is the answer to the dilemma SYRIZA or ND, said Fofi Genimmata addressing the Political Council of PASOK, its MPs and leading members.

“Here and now to create a new, wide dynamic progressive current of political and social majority”, Genimmata said and argued that “Syriza and New Democracy are trying again to polarize and divide the Greeks, to form the new two-party system and “exaust once again the intermediate political space”.

“Both however, SYRIZA and New Democracy fail to give positive answers to today’s challenges, to lead the country out of the crisis and build better days for the Greek people”, she noted, adding that the entity she proposed includes the Center-left of responsibility, the radical Center, the Social Democracy, the Democratic Socialism, the Renewal Left, the forces of Ecology.

The PASOK leader and head of the Democratic Coalition noted that “neither SYRIZA nor ND are the solution for the country. They can not unite the Greeks, ensure trust, synergy, the power needed to get out of the crisis”.

She reiterated that it does not agree with the logic of “fronts” that divide the Greek people and seek to impose new dilemmas. “No to the alleged European front with the Right. Not to the supposedly Left front with SYRIZA”, she said.

The proposal, she said, is addressed to political parties, individuals and movements, to create a new large progressive current that will decisively influence developments in the country. “The failure of SYRIZA is not an excuse for the restoration of the Right. The necessary confrontation with SYRIZA should not lead us to forget that ND is always the Greek Right, the timeless political opponent of the Democratic side, PASOK, our own political space”, she said.

She commented on the discussion for the cooperation of “reformist” forces, saying that “the country needs concrete and bold changes, cuts, reforms. And we are determined to make them a reality”.

“In this major issue does not apply the motto “you are what you declare”, the reform is not a “candy”, nor an excuse to justify the austerity policies. The apolitical generalizations may serve personal goals, but do not add to the country’s political life”, she said.

The key points of her proposal:

To find ourselves all together in the Programming Policy Conference in March, and decide on a new Declaration, the program framework, the name and symbols.

To find ourselves all together proclaiming the autonomy of our spaces, respecting the personality of each member, with proportional representation on the basis of recent electoral verdict. But with the active presence of movements, the local government, trade unions, chambers of all living creative and productive expression of society.

Until May will take place the direct election from the base of the head of the coalition, with an open registry and no exclusion. An election that will shape and base of the party.

Any issues for the further organization of the coalition will be discussed later, based on the guidelines of the Conference.

The next steps will then be judged by the participants, based on the circumstances and dynamics of the project.

“I want to make clear that our project is open, and with clear terms. We do not accept agreements for chairs, logics of personal strategies and domination of minor-egos that may undermine its credibility”, Genimata said and suggested:

the establishment of networks of active citizens who will get their hands on the project at a local and sectoral level.

to take all necessary initiatives by the end of February, for dialogue and maturation of decisions.

To set up, starting from the Democratic Forces coalition (PASOK DIMAR, Citizens Movement), a single Political Steering Committee that will specify steps and the preparation for the Conference. In this Organizing Committee can take part parties, networks and personalities from the wider space, from the moment they decide their participation in the common effort.