Genimmata: The base will have the final say on developments and persons

Genimmata: The base will have the final say on developments and persons

Athens, January 18, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Theocharopoulos: The time has come for big steps forward

The base of the center-left will decide on the people and processes stated the PASOK leader and head of the Democratic coalition, Fofi Genimmata, speaking on Mega television.

Genimmata noted that the first time she addressed the call was before the elections, while she emphasised that she speaks of a common course and a coallition, with each of the participating party retaining its character and proceed together with the same model for a common goal.

“The head of the coalition”, she said, “will come out of the elections by the people and anyone who wants to challenge the chair will appeal to the base, which will have the final say on developments and persons”.

Genimmata described how she imagines the coalition she proposes as “Elia” of Social Democrats, noting that she seeks the programmatic conference to be the procedure for the formulation of opinions and proposals that will generate solutions and alternatives.

“I do not hesitate however, to say that in order to make this opening, to achieve the unity of all these forces, we should all “put water in our wine” and leave our egos aside. We have to go to a programmatic conference to agree on a new plan, a new framework for Greece, on the progressive reforms to be made. These are the things that should bring together the world of Social-Democracy”, he said.

When asked about how she can say that an abyss separates PASOK from ND when she was a minister in the Samaras government, Genimata said that PASOK participated because there was a national need. “Where there is no such need everyone returns to the ideological space. With the Right we have profound historical and political differences”, he said.

Referring to the impact Mitsotakis’ election had on the opinion polls, she estimated that it is reasonable when a new leader is elected for the party to gain momentum,

Asked if she would work today with the New Democracy, she responded that any cooperation must be based on programmatic agreements.

Regarding the expelling of the MEP Leonidas Grigorakou from the party, she said that it was because he undermined the unity and cohesion of the Group.

Replying to the question whether it was wrong or not to expel Grigorakou, she said the MP was removed because with his statements he undermined the unity and cohesion of the parliamentary group and slandered colleagues. He was given the opportunity to explain and instead continued the same attitude for a 2nd and 3rd day.

Theocharopoulos: The coalition is not a “bench” neither for Tsipras nor for Mitsotakis

“The Democratic coalition is not a ‘bench’ neither for Tsipras nor for Mitsotakis. It’s the new pole of social democracy in our country”, said the president of DIMAR Thanasis Theocharopoulos on the newspaper “Ethnos” and adds that throughout Europe there is the coalition of Democrats and Socialists and, on the other side, the People’s Party.

“In our country there is a transient phenomenon, the sudden strengthening of the party of the radical left, with illusions and ideological preconceptions that lead to dead ends in the summer and soon will unfortunately lead and to new ones. In order to prevent citizens from turning to the extreme populist voices, we need to strengthen the social-democratic pole as is the case throughout Europe”, he says.

Referring to the progress and developments in the Democratic coalition, he notes that “the post-election steps are not as fast as they should. The biggest rival for the Democratic coalition is inaction, standing still and the tendency for justification with past terms instead of moving forward”.

“Now is the time for everyone to make a big step forward in terms of the future and not the past”, he says.