Former general Clark’s company is aiming Kosovo’s natural resources

Former general Clark’s company is aiming Kosovo’s natural resources

Pristina, 27 September 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

“Envidity Energy Kosova”, a company chaired by retired general, Wesley Clark, who led the NATO air campaign on Serb facilities in 1999, has expressed its interest for the underground gasification of coal in Kosovo and production of synthetic gas and kerosene.

The company’s request for the government is expecting to be voted in Parliament.

Government officials consider this project as beneficiary for the public, while civil society has suspicions on the project due to the “inadequate technology and pollution of environment”.

Ilir Rama from the Central Department for Public-Private Partnership, which is part of the Ministry of Finance, says that the company meets all the criteria.

Rama has also reiterated the government’s stance regarding the benefits of this project.

“The project has a capital value of no less than 30 million euros and has a potential to create 80 new jobs. The project complies with environmental standards stipulated by the laws of Kosovo”, Rama says.

Meanwhile, Kosovo Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development (KOSID) has called on MPs not to back projects of research for energy minerals in Kosovo, in order “to stop environmental and social degradation in the country”.

Visar Azemi, representative of the Consortium, says that no European country uses the technology for the gasification of coal to create synthetic diesel and kerosene. According to him, Kosovo is such a small country to be experimenting with such an expensive project. /