General accused of war crimes acquitted in Kosovo

General accused of war crimes acquitted in Kosovo

Mitrovica, May 29, 2014/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

General Sulejman Selimi and his fellow fighters, Ismet Haxha, Shefki Hyseni and Nexhat Qubreli have been acquitted by the Court of First Instance in Mitrovica on charges of war crimes.

The judge of the case, Darius Sielitzci said that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the charges addressed against the defendants in the quality of KLA soldiers, according to which they have committed war crimes by threatening the physical integrity of witnesses A and B (their identities were not revealed).

Defense attorney of Sulejman Selimi, Tome Gashi said that the court’s ruling was fair, legal and trustworthy.

“The prosecutor didn’t submit any proofs which would support the claims of the prosecution for alleged involvement of general Sulejman Selimi and others in these acts”, declared Gashi.

Meanwhile, prime minister Hashim Thaci reacted on this decision. He said that this trial once again proved the fact that the war of the Kosovo Liberation Army was a fair one.

“Since the start of the process against commander Sulejman Selimi and other fellow fighters, the government of Kosovo has strongly believed in their innocence and in the fairness of the war of the Kosovo Liberation Army”, declared Hashim Thaci.

The defendants were accused of committing war crimes in Kosovo in 1998, while Shefki Hyseni is accused of the sexual rape of an Albanian woman. /ibna/