More gender equality is demanded in FYROM

More gender equality is demanded in FYROM

Skopje, 19 July 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Associations of women rights in FYROM demand more gender equality and respect of their rights. A network of these associations says that women are represented very little in institutional leading posts and in politics.

Savka Todorovska from the League of Women Organizations says that although the law on gender equality is harmonized with the laws of the European Union, it still doesn’t function in practice. “In order for laws to function in practice and for women to be helped, lots of funds are needed”, Todorovska said.

According to her, women are not discriminated only in terms of representation in institutional posts, but also in other institutional levels.

Suzana Musli of the Organization of Turkish Women says that the state must fund women associations and their activities.

“80% of women have no information on legal regulations or equal opportunities, especially those women who live in rural areas. I call on foundations and the government to offer their financial support”, Musli says for IBNA.

Leonora Kaliqi of the “Her” NGO, says that besides legal and institutional mechanisms that secure gender equality, more should be invested  in empowering women in order for them to be involved in decision making and become more independent financially.

Women associations have also complained for inadequate medical treatment to women and lack of capacities for gynecological checkups in several communes.  

In the recent years, FYROM has been positioned on the 70th position out of 142 countries in the world list for gender equality of the World Economic Forum. /