Gathering of former Croatian Prime Ministers

Gathering of former Croatian Prime Ministers


By Natasa Radic – Zagreb

On the June 30th, at the gala dinner to mark the Croatian accession to the European Union, in an informal conversation between two guests from the Croatian political life, and those were the former Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor and former President and former Prime Minister Stipe Mesic – the idea was concieved of gathering all former Prime Ministers of Croatia. Since they were all sitting at the same table, they immediately suggested that to the current Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, who liked the idea. According to the media, the first idea was to have informal and casual meetings at lunch, but Zoran Milanovic nevertheless decided to have a “serious” version of the meeting. Gathering of six former Croatian prime minister with the current one was organized last week.

While she was coming to St. Mark’s Square – the seat of the Croatian government, the former HDZ Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor told reporters she was not in the mood for giving advice to the current prime minister. Besides Ivo Sanader, who is in prison, the meeting was attended by all living former Prime Minister: Kosor, then there were Josip Manolic, Zlatko Matesa, Stjepan Mesic, Franjo Greguric and Nikica Valentic. Former socialdeomcrat Prime Minister Ivica Racan died in 2007.

All of the former prime ministers said before the meeting that they will not give their proposals to Zoran Milanovic, nor they will give any advice, but would rather like to talk about their experience of making difficult decisions from the time when they led the Croatian government.

During their meeting, at the St. Mark’s Square there was a protest of the workers of INA (biggest Croatian oil company) because they consider it will be made into a subsidiary of the majority owner – Hungarian MOL.

The meeting was quite secretive in details. Media published only what has been said in the press statement after visiting Milanovic.

-Every one of us has an obligation, regardless of tha fact if he is not active in politics, to help Croatia to be better – said Zlatko Matesa, adding that the current Prime Minister did not share tips on how to pull the country out of crisis. Matesa noted that all the participants in the meeting tried to contribute in matters relating to the tax system, highways, INA and other topics important to the economic development of Croatia.

Nikica Valentic concluded that the gathering of the former prime ministers represents a  nice political tradition, that was now finally introduced in the Croatian political life.