The gates of Dreamland have opened for the magical world of Christmas.

The gates of Dreamland have opened for the magical world of Christmas.


By Spiros Sideris – Drama

The biggest Christmas celebration in Greece, Drama’s Dreamland has opened its gates on the day of the celebration of Saint Barbara, (December 4) and it will host more than 250 different activities until the 6th of January. These are musical and cultural activities, which are offered for free to all the visitors of this “Christmas capital”, as Drama has came to be known.

Musical events

Popular artists of the Greek music scene will take part in the numerous music events creating an atmosphere for all tastes and ages.

The Christmas village

For these 34 dreamlike days Drama’s city center is transformed in a Christmas village, born from every child’s dream. “All the fairytales that we have heard since we were little children have a beginning, a middle and an ending… In Dreamland though things change, are renewed, take a different color and dimension each time… so that the fairytale never ends”, as is pointed out by the people who work in order for the Dreamland to become reality.

As such: a huge skating ring, the Christmas tree with the crib, the suspended ship, the elevated roller coaster, the park of the dinosaurs and an impressive, multicolored carousel are among the first things that will be witnessed by a visitor of the Dreamland. The traditional wooden houses, each with a different theme and the “Fountain of Wishes” complete the organizational structure of the Christmas village.

The House of Santa Clause

In it prevails the “House of Santa Clause”, where everyone’s beloved grandfather along with his leprechauns await young and old to come and whisper their wish in his ear.

The Leprechaun’s Workshop

The Leprechauns though have their own place, their own house, their workshop. Inside the “Leprechaun’s Workshop” the visitor is transformed into a leprechaun, a snowman, a candy and into anything a human mind can fathom.

Dreamland’s Roller Coasters

Inside Dreamland there are two trains that tour their passengers through the city’s beautiful streets and alleys.

A Bicycle that produces electricity for a piano!

An electric bicycle whose riders through quick pedaling produce the energy for a unique piano that excites young and old.

The Christmas Bazaar

Full of beauty is the Christmas bazaar, which functions inside the village, housed in beautifully decorated wooden houses. The visitor has the opportunity to taste local delicacies and traditional Christmas food, as well as find presents, souvenirs, adornments, toys, everything one will need for these festive days.

And many more…

The environmental friendly workshop, the house of physics and chemistry experiments, the house of the fairytales,  the confectionery workshop, the textile and pictorial creations workshop, the house of new technologies, as well as the house for “The Smile of the Child” and the “Center of Adult Education” promise the visitors that not only will they have a great time, but will also have the chance to taste, feel, learn.

Every year the Dreamland is more beautiful, more interesting, more romantic. Especially this year though because of the celebration for the 10 years of its existence it promises its visitors a unique voyage into the magical world of Christmas. A voyage that everyone who experiences it will want to relive it.