Gas System in B&H On Boundaries of Technological Possibilities

Gas System in B&H On Boundaries of Technological Possibilities


By Maja Tuljkovic – Sarajevo

In the past few days, residents of the capital city of B&H are faced with a reduction in gas due to debts of Sarajevo Gas Company BH-Gas. The debt is around 47 million BAM, of which the Februarz invoice is 11.090.254,42 BAM. Taking into account the current situation in Canton Sarajevo, the demands of the company BH-Gas d.o.o. are minimal, and that is paying the expenses for gas consumed for the current month. Although it was initially agreed that Sarajevo Gas would deliver guarantees on the February invoice, this did not happen.

At the meeting that was held on the premises of BH-Gas on 25 March, attended by representatives of BH-Gas, Cantonal Minister Zlatko Petrović, KJKP Sarajevogas Director Salih Selmanović and director of KJKP Toplane Sarajevo Admir Džubur, it was agreed that the minister in charge would deliver the dynamics of debt payment of the February invoice, as well as the bill of Sarajevogas as an instrument of securing payment for the February invoice. At the meeting it was agreed for the February invoice to be settled no later than 10 April 2014. The final deadline for submission of these documents was 26 March by 9:00. However, none of the agreed conditions were met, and the reduction continued.

Despite the fact that citizens regularly pay their bills, some parts of the capital of B&H could soon be left without heating. This was also confirmed by the director of development of KJKP Gas Mehmedalija Sijarić, who pointed out that the gas system in Sarajevo is working on the edge of technological capabilities due to the reduction of delivery of natural gas to the company, and this is all thanks to people who are on the field and maintaining it.

This amount of gas that is allowed for consumers in Canton Sarajevo are not sufficient to meet the needs of all those who regularly pay for gas. Now we have a problem that companies that have switched to alternative fuel are complaining. Of course, they are spending more expensive energy source in such a situation that they have to switch to alternative fuel in order for us to ensure these normal operating conditions, said Sijarić.

Despite the enormous debts, BH-Gas is aware of the situation. It only insisted for the regular payment of the current consumption, thereby ensuring the security of the supply of gas in the heating system.

BH-Gas is currently supplied on a daily basis of 240.000 Sm3, which is quite a sufficient quantity to ensure the stability of the gas system and daily needs for households at the current average temperature. A reduced supply of gas to KJKP Sarajevogas represents the maximum efforts of BH-Gas to maintain the natural supply of gas in B&H.

During March, Sarajevogas was obliged to settle the invoices of February. However, by 20 March 2014 only a small portion of the amount, 2.723.159,74 BAM, was paid, which is not nearly enough for BH-Gas d.o.o. to settle their obligations to the company Gazprom Export and thus ensure the regular supply of natural gas throughout all of B&H. As things now stand, due to Sarajevogas other consumers in B&H could end up without gas, which would inflict irreparable damage to BH-Gas and the country of B&H.