Gallup: Bulgarians view Russia, US and China as superpowers, the US as destabilizing factor

Gallup: Bulgarians view Russia, US and China as superpowers, the US as destabilizing factor

The United States and China, which are now the major superpowers, something that is expected to continue to happen in the next decade, are in fact considered worldwide as major destabilizing factors. The same goes for Russia, which is currently causing less fear, while China is causing more. The European Union is considered the most stabilizing factor, but will not play a central role in international relations as part of the superpowers.

These are some of the findings and hypotheses from Gallup International Association’s new global survey on perceptions of global superpowers and their policies. The survey covers 45 countries worldwide and more than 42,000 adult citizens and represents about 2/3 of the world’s population.

According to the survey, over the next decade China and the United States will maintain their position as the world’s leading powers, according to the majority of the world’s population surveyed. Russia is expected to rise to world superpowers in the near future, but without providing much confidence. On the contrary, the European Union will not play a central role in international relations, at least not as a superpower, as citizens believe. The same is true for the United Kingdom, as well as India and Japan, which are not considered future world powers.

The results of the research in Bulgaria play a leading role in the world political scene in the United States, China and Russia. There are significant deviations between perceptions in Bulgaria and generalized world trends regarding the ranking of the three world powers. The Russian Federation is accepted as the leader in Bulgarian society, while China and the United States, which will also be among the world superpowers in 2030, according to the majority in Bulgaria, hold the hypothetical “second” and “third” position according to with public opinion.

Bulgarians do not expect the European Union to be a major player in the international political arena in 10 years, but they accept the Union to a greater extent as a stabilizing factor. India and Japan are far from the public spotlight in Bulgaria, while the United Kingdom is losing its importance as a global player, according to the Bulgarians.

When asked what the world’s superpowers will be in 2030, 58% of Bulgarians place Russia first, followed by China with 50% and the US with 46%.

According to a Gallup poll, 55% of Bulgarians say US policies are destabilizing the world, while 19% believe it is more of a stabilizing factor. The rest of the respondents answered that they could not judge.

As for Russia, 42% believe that its policies are more likely to stabilize the world, while a quarter of respondents disagree and a third answered that they cannot judge.

China’s policies are still unknown to Bulgarians. Almost half of the respondents (45%) can not assess whether the policies of the world superpower stabilize or destabilize the world./ibna