The G20 in Turkey

The G20 in Turkey

Ankara, November 13, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

12,000 policemen for their safety

The Saudi King brings profits to Turkey

Merkel chose one of the cheapest five star hotels in Antalya

By Manolis Kostidis

Turkey hosts the summit of the 20 most powerful countries in the world (G-20) on November 16-17 in Antalya, with tackling terrorism, the refugee crisis, international investments and climate change in the agenda.

Antalya, where the summit will be held, has been blocked for days as extraordinary security measures have been taken, given that the summit will be attended by Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and leaders of the other members of the G-20, as well as six leaders of countries who will participate as guests, among them the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

12.000 police officers will try to protect the leaders and their delegations and keep away about 30,000 protesters who are expected to arrive in the city of southern Turkey.

The Saudi King spends USD 18 mln for his stay!

Ankara is expecting to reap major political benefits for the prestige of Turkey, but the focus of the press has also been at the financial gains of this summit.

A typical example is the arrival of the mission of Saudi Arabia to Antalya. The king of Saudi Arabia Salman, has booked 18 days for his entourage consisting of 1000 people. The hotel Mardan Palace, in which the king will reside, is considered one of the most luxurious in the world and the total cost of the stay for the delegation of Saudi Arabia reaches USD 18 million!

For the needs of the delegation, 65 limousines have been brought in by air. At the same time, two helicopters landed at the airport. Saudi Arabia has also rented 400 Mercedes and buses to carry all the members of the mission.

Mardan Palace has 546 palace-category rooms. While the king Salman will stay in a villa of the hotel, with accommodation cost USD 15,000 per night.

The Mardan Palace was built by a Turkman entrepreneur four years ago. In it there are hundreds of gilded furniture, 500,000 crystals and 23,000 square meters of Italian marble. The sand on the beach has been brought in from Egypt!

This hotel was confiscated by the Turkish banks due to the owner’s debts. Last week it was auctioned and was bought by the state bank Halkbank over USD 400 million. The stay of the Saudi king is considered a support to the state bank, of which the former manager was involved in a corruption scandal, as USD 4.5 mln had been found in shoe boxes at his house.

German austerity in accommodation as well

The delegations of Russia and Brazil will stay at the hotel Maxx Royal, which is considered among the most impressive of Antalya with average accommodation costs 424 euro. The Japanese and Australians prefered Titanic Hotel, which was built as a model of the Titanic and has an average accommodation cost of USD 385. Turks and Americans preferred the Regnum hotel which has an average cost of USD 305.

Germany, which is always in favour of austerity and sound financial management, chose one of the cheapest hotels among the five star ones available in Antalya. Merkel preferred the Hotel Kempinski the Dome, with an average cost of stay of 141 euro! The French and Spanish will stay on Bellis Deluxe, which will cost an average 118 euros.