fYROMacedonian Foreign Ministry: There should be no rush in solving the name issue

fYROMacedonian Foreign Ministry: There should be no rush in solving the name issue

The fYROMacedonian Foreign Ministry said in a statement it has just announced that the country wants and to find a solution to the name issue as soon as possible works intensively towards this direction, until the upcoming EU summit of the European Council, planned to be held on 28 and June 29, but also underlines that there is no rush to this particularly important and sensitive issue.

The fYROMacedonian Foreign Ministry’s announcement is as follows:

“At this extremely delicate moment in the process of overcoming the name dispute between the Republic of fYROMacedonia and Greece, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that domestic and international public opinion should be made aware of the following:

During the talks, good will has been demonstrated and a good result has been achieved. At the moment, as in any process of a similar nature, it is necessary that this good will be translated by the working groups into a text of an agreement that will best reflect the essential parameters of the political understanding reached between the two sides. The Republic of fYROMacedonia wishes and works intensively to do so as soon as possible, until the upcoming European Council meeting, while stressing that there should be no rush on such important issues. The quality of the text of the agreement and the need to achieve a lasting and sustainable solution acceptable to both sides is much more important than the need for the process to be completed within a certain timeframe.”

Earlier today, fYROMacedonia’s Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani told the  High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, whom he met in Brussels, that the next few hours could be crucial for the outcome of the negotiations and expressed the hope that the possible positive outcome will create an atmosphere for the deepening of relations between Greece and fYROMacedonia, as well as the conditions for the rapid promotion of the fYROMacedonian Euro-Atlantic perspective…. / IBNA