FYROM has the worst health service in Europe

FYROM has the worst health service in Europe

Skopje, 20 August 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

FYR Macedonia is considered to be the country with the worst healthcare system in Europe. This is the conclusion of the study carried out by “Numbeo” Center, which evaluates healthcare systems in Europe.

Numbeo is a company founded in Serbia 5 years ago and it periodically publishes the ranking of healthcare systems and other indicators, by analyzing the skills of the personnel, response time, equipment and price.

Local data are combined with the index of health service, which gives the result for each country.

Thus, France has the best health service in Europe with 82,58 points, while FYROM is ranked last with 35,12 points. Great Britain has 73,88 points, ranking among the first 12 countries.

Turkey is ranked before Britain, on the 11th position with 74 points.

Turkey is also followed by Spain, Switzerland and Finland.

As far as Balkans are concerned, Albania leads with 67,41 points. Meanwhile, on a global level, Japan leads with 87,07 points. /ibna/